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    Initiative Panel

    Firstly, Fantasy Grounds! Its an amazing producted which really allows e-pnp.

    So far as a DM, keeping track of Initiative order could be made easier, is there a way of adding a small Initiative panel, where the DM can order the monsters/PCs and click on the ones that are done, and as soon as one is clicked the next PC is pinged or a notification message would appear? And the PC's who are finished become greyed out.

    Thirdly, keeping track of live spells etc. Is is possible to have a Round Counter, that the DM can press a button and it adds a round, and where spells can be added, and each Round that advances, the time for that spell to expire is reduced? The Round Advance button could also post a
    ------- NEW ROUND -------
    On the chat window

    So far so good. Hope we can help make an excellent product excellent+


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    I guess what you are referring to are mostly improvements in the way the combat tracker works (the tracker is the list view available to the GM using the list icon in the top right of the desktop). It has an initiative field and can be sorted by initiative. It also includes a slot for two effects per entry with a number field you can use among other things as a round counter.

    With automated features such as these, we have to walk a fine line between cooler features, ruleset modification friendliness and not breaking the d20 license.

    I'm going to say we have some things planned that would allow for more power in exactly the areas you have mentioned, but I won't go and make promises because the plans aren't final . I'll keep your suggestions in mind as we go along.
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    Wow, quick response.

    Solved the one problem ourselves, a moment ago, by producing an image with the initiative markers :-)

    But do not let that stop you from walking the fine OGL line


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    On the subject of Initiative Panel, is there a file you can modify to show the ac and attack bonuses, in the Initiative Panel. So that when a monster, npc is placed there the correct ac for that monster automatically shows up.

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    Init Sorting

    I posted this in another topic but it seems to fit better in this topic.
    Currently the init board sorts from highest number to lowest. Is there any way to change this so that it sorts with lowest numbers up at the top of the page (acending order).

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    The file you need is d20_utility.xml.

    The code you need to change is below.

    The magic line is

    <sort fields="!initresult" />
    The ! reverses the sort order. (Large to Small; z to a)

    <windowlist class="combattracker_entry" name="list">
    	<allowcreate />
    	<allowdelete />
    	<nestdata />
    	<bounds rect="13,26,-20,-30" />
    	<acceptdrop class="mini_charsheet" fields="name,#hp,#wounds" />
    	<acceptdrop class="charsheet" fields="name,#hp,#wounds" />
    	<acceptdrop class="npc" fields="name,hp" />
    	<acceptdrop class="monster" fields="name,hp" />
    	<sort fields="!initresult" />
    I think you have create a new ruleset to use this though. I think I read that the d20 ruleset would not use changes. You might check that though.
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    Cool man, thanks for the help. That worked perfect. I like how the software is setup so that users can change things to customize it to their liking. Thanks again for the help!

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