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    Burning Plague - Sat, January 8th 2005 - 8pm EST

    OK. Here is the information that we can tentatively start with. And please remember, if there is something you don't like or would prefer to have a different way, just mention it and we can discuss. I would rather (within reason) keep players interested than stick to a formula.

    Setting: Generic fantasy. Truthfully, in this one-shot, I don't see this as being a signifiant issue. This is a one-time site-based adventure that does not really depend on context or setting.

    Going forward (if there is to be a going forward), I had suggested a somewhat less documented area of the Forgotten Realms. Just as some background, my reasoning was as follows. Personally, I like the flavor of the realms and I think there is a lot of good support out there for the setting. Having said that, I want us to feel like we have the freedom to move around and make new organizations, create our own histories, invent our own BBEGs, etc. As a result, I thought a less documented area of the Realms was likely to fit the bill - we can take what we want and build the rest. Please make suggestions regarding a region that you would like to make our sandbox.

    Character creation: I was thinking 32 pt. buy for abilities (as described on p. 169 of the DMG). Essentially, your character starts out with 8 pts in each of his/her 6 abilities. An increase in an ability ranging from 9 to 13 costs 1 point for each point raised (i.e. increasing your Strength from the starting value of 8 to 12 costs 4 points). An increase to 14 costs 6 points, an increase to 15 costs 8 points, an increase to 16 costs 10 points, and increase to 17 costs 13 points, and an increase to 18 costs 16 points.

    I hope that didn't serve to confuse what was previously clear in your minds... :lol:

    Again, if we decided to continue and we decided to choose the Realms as a setting, we could either do one of two things. We could retrofit the characters you guys create for this one-shot using the character creation rules for the Realms (not 100% familiar, but I think this potentially means choosing a region of origin, choosing a regional feat, perhaps altering your deities of choice if you are playing a cleric, etc.). In the alternative, we could simply create new characters.

    Other character-related issues.

    Characters to start at 1st level. Begin with max hit points and gold. Try and limit feat selection to the PHB. If there is something you can't live without that isn't in the PHB and just really makes your character concept, then by all means raise the issue.

    My only real request in this area is that you do not select an evil alignment. The only reason I say this is because I *personally* have the most fun as a player when the characters really work as a team in an effort to complement each other's strengths and conceal each others weaknesses. While evil, or sometimes loner characters offer interesting role-playing opportunities, mixing them with non-evil characters never really seems to work in my humble opinion. Again, if your opinion differs on this matter, please feel free to raise the issue.

    I'm sure I've forgotten something...please let me know what.

    Time: Again, we had preliminarily agreed on 8pm EST. Truth be told, though, I had selected that time thinking that 8 could appeal to people across all (continental American) timezones. Seeing as how everyone who has expressed interest is in fact on the East Coast, we should feel free to discuss a change.

    I am not one for marathon sessions either. Someone had suggested limiting the session to 3 hours which I think is a perfect amount. Long enough to get into it and have fun, but not so long that anyone loses interest or makes the time committment simply unbearable.

    I know I have repeatedly referred to this adventure as a one-shot, but given a limit of 3 hours and the inevitable startup time associated with a new medium, I think a realistic estimate is that our adventure will last two sessions.

    I do think a pre-session is a good idea. For one, it allows us to test connectivity issues and other types of medium-related things. For another, it will give you a chance to upload your characters to my machine which will give me a chance to familiarize myslef with them before we start. I hav no idea what everyone's work/social schedules are like during the week, so I will let you guys propose a pre-session time and we can move from there.

    Again, if there are any other time issues, please let me know.

    Players: At this point, the following people have expressed interest:

    Balmor's wife

    If other people are interested, please speak up!

    Last things last: As I stated in my first post (of the previous thead), I am completely new to DMing - as in this is the first time. I really just started getting back into D&D after about a 15 year layoff (played in my teens) last year, so while I believe I have a working knowledge of the basic mechanics of 3.5, you will forgive me for the occasional misstep. I am not a huge fan of "the DM is always right". I know that flies in the face of conventional wisdom and I do like immediate resolutions to rules disputes that don't impede the pace of game play, but by all means, I would prefer someone who has DMing experience to step up and correct a mistake of mine rather than letting me to continue to repeatedly make what is obviously a mistake.

    To this end, a kind and civil "Matt, you forgot such and such" will make me a better DM and will get you your +X bonus on the roll and hopefully will make us all happier as a result!

    Despite this ridiculously long post, I feel certain I am forgetting something. Let me know what it is and I will respond as soon as I can.



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    Everything looks great to me. If anyone needs to I could even have a earlier start time but no earlier than say 7 pm. Actually 7 might work out a little better for me as I would have a few minutes before rushing off to work after we complete. Say we play from 7 till 10 or 10:30.

    Ok, now we just need to figure out a time to test the connections and upload our characters.

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    Saturday nights game

    Hello all,

    I'm in a regular game that gets together every two or three weekends. Also the day switches between Saturday and Sundays, so I should be able to make most of the games. I'm not positive about this weekend but I'll make a character just in case. Long time player and I'm willing to run whatever the party needs/lacks.

    Pete <Grond>
    Quarter will not be asked for nor given.

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    Anyone up for testing the connection tonight?

    I can try and connect in at around 8:00 EST to upload my character and test the connection if you're game for it.

    Lemme know...


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    Sorry...just got home. Otherwise, I would have been more than happy to have people try and connect.

    Why don't we do this. Starting tomorrow afternoon, I will have the server up and people can connect and upload their characters. Note that when you connect, you want to select the option that allows you to connect via server alias (as opposed to by IP). The server alias is idle zone loud echo.

    Also, it would probably be a good idea for those of you who intend to play to post a one line character concept just so that other players are aware of everyone's choices.

    Let me know if there are any questions and feel free to e-mail me off board using the e-mail button below this post!


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    I connected and it looked like my character portrait downloaded to your server and everything. If the character sheet looks unfinished its because it is. Just taking my time.

    Ready for Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renocide
    I connected and it looked like my character portrait downloaded to your server and everything. If the character sheet looks unfinished its because it is. Just taking my time.

    Ready for Saturday.
    Cool...Kragen Wilthorn (Human Fighter) is uploaded!


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    Wasn't able to work much with things on Thursday, so I haven't had a chance to upload my character yet (as I have not been able to connect to the server yesterday or today).

    Character I'll be playing is Taris Valtori, a halfling rogue. Character is complete, it just needs to be uploaded.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if my wife is going to be able to make tonight's game, so my apologies there.

    Lastly, what time are we starting? 7 or 8 tonight?


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    We can tentatively start at this point, we only have 2 players which is going to be kinda tough (especically with no healers in the party).

    We can either try and re-schedule or I can attempt to play a character...don't know what you prefer.

    If you guys want to re-schedule, I would suggest we do next Saturday.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    I would like to join your game. I have been a long time player and looking for an adventure. Tried to connect but not sure if you have a certain port opened for the game.

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