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    [FGDaze] Artic Enigma

    Greetings Commander, Our research facility located south of Atqasuk Alaska has gone dark. Dr. Juliet Silvas and her team have been focused on researching alien technologies and were close to effecting a breakthrough equivilent to the breaking of the enigma code in world war 2 when the council lost communication with the outpost. You and the rest of echo team are tasked with finding out what happened to Dr Silvas and recovering her research data. In the event that these objectives can not be accomplished, Strategic order 87-1789-c is in effect. Nuclear release is not authorized. As always, the council will be watching. That is all.

    This is a Savage Worlds Xcom game, set in a world where near future technologies exist, and the earth is in constant peril from alien Invasion. The team will consist of 5 members including Assault, Heavy Weapons, Sniper/Scout, Medic and Team Commander. Join the 5 members of Echo team as they fly into an artic storm to try and find answers to the Artic Enigma.

    Currently this game is scheduled for 9am PDT but I am wide open to any time that accomodates the most players. Just let me know your thoughts.

    Calendar entry here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=1544
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    What sort of client license is needed?

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    No license needed to play during FGDaze! All full (GM) licenses are upgraded to Ultimate for the duration the event thanks to Smiteworks.
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    Excellent! Thanks! I'm passing the link on to friends with the free license.

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    Wanted to know how long the game will be. I have an appointment at 1:00 PDT. I don't want to answer 'yes' if I can't play through to the end.

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    I'd prefer an earlier time at the moment actually. Do we have an estimated run time?
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    Hey all,

    Run time should be 4 hours, pregen characters supplied. .
    I know that anything for FGDAZE will let all players play regardless of license as mentioned above. Looking forward to running this for you all, please let me know if there are more questions


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    Do you have the pre-gens available yet?

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    Pre gens are ready, just trying to find the best format to share. Will try and post something Frida or Saturday local time.

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