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    [FGDaze] Primeval Thule - 5e - Cavern of Golden Tears

    Three days ago you left Quodeth in search of a legendary ruined city and a cavern of gold in the jungles of the Ghan Peninsula. Yesterday you left your boats at a small landing on the banks of the Ghan River, but at dawn beastman scouts picked up your trail. Scores of savage warriors are pursuing you through the jungle. You can hear them grunting and hooting to each other behind you, while sudden flights of jungle birds and the sounds of thrashing brush makes it clear more are closing in.
    The pregens are as follows (all level 3):

    Human Barbarian (Berserker)
    Human Rogue (Assassin)
    Human (Variant - Leader) Rogue (Swashbuckler)
    Human (Variant - Sharpshooter) Spelless Ranger (Beast Master)
    Human (Variant - Healer) Fighter (Defense) (Battle Master)
    Human (Variant - Ritual Caster) Barbarian (Totem Warrior)

    Feel free to reserve on a first come first served basis.

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    I havent read anything about Primeval Thule - is it similar in genre to Barbarians of Lemuria?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    I havent read anything about Primeval Thule - is it similar in genre to Barbarians of Lemuria?

    "sword & sorcery, Conan vs. Cthulhu inspired, savage and intense Primeval Thule Campaign Setting."
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    Interesting! I backed the Kickstarter yesterday. Wouldn't mind getting better acquainted with the setting. Will there be any character customization or are you sticking with the pregens? I'll reserve the Assassin if so.

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    damned, genre is sword and sorcery, however they're not really modifying 5e mechanics, just suggesting how to play to achieve the S&S vibe.

    BranHelsing, feel free to create a PC, however please stick to the following restrictions (mine not Primeval Thule's):

    Race - Human including human variant
    Class - No magic using classes (Unearthed Arcana classes and sub classes are allowed)
    Feats - All are allowed, including magic using feats.

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    For now I'll claim the Assassin pregen, but if the other players decide to customize I will assimilate. Thanks!

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    Please ensure you vote on the scheduled play time. Game slots will be allocated to the first 6 players that vote yes.

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    I got on the calendar- looking forward to this.
    Time Zone - Mountain Standard
    Looking to Play
    Looking to DM- considering doing some AL stuff in FG

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    Please sign up here to secure a place in the game. At the moment we have the following people signed up:


    Please note your place will not be guaranteed unless you have voted on the calendar.

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    I signed up last night, but it looks like my vote and my registration were removed?

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