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    Fog of War - Evolved?

    First, let me throw in my praise. What a wonderful little app you have put together. Thanks!

    Are there any plans to 'evolve' the fog of war masking beyond the current implementation? Specifically, it would be great if the GM could mask a map and then reveal areas using a token with an area-revealing effect. For example, allowing the GM to drop a token onto a masked map, set a temporary variable associated to the token that sets a revealing radius relative to the grid size.

    Another on the 'fog of war' wish list: mask the map and then reveal only the area that is withing the revealing radius associated to the token. This way, the players would only see the area of the map that is within the range of their 'light source'. Areas previously unmasked would again be masked when the range of the 'light source' is exceeded.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are looking into improving the fog of war. Some have hoped for other types of tools such as rectangles and circles instead of the freehand tool, that aren't linked to tokens, but we'll see what we can do.
    Ville Leino
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