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    Sorry for necro... I was searching on something and saw this...

    Oh wow, we played DL for over a year... I know we got to DL10 because it was my first real Battlesystem... Was epic bunch of sessions.

    Wow to think back on those old friends (and ex-fiancιe lol) ... Chris, Mike, Maura, Virginia, Marty, Joe and me with occasional cameos from 1-2 others. Mike as Raistlin with Laurana as his secondary was a gas. Even with these many players, we had quite the amount of characters to juggle. Especially in DL10.

    I know we didn't finish, I seem to feel DL11 was last we played, but I'd have to look for them to remember.

    I never played Mystara, but I own the Warlords CM Xsomething Red/Black? that seemed to be a series. I was working on a AD&D heavy character background driven story in the Gazeteer inspired D&D world crafting what each knew and prepping things to have a fresh world (for us) where no one knew what was there except for the pre game notes and maps given to each with different knowledge etc. But RL reared its ugly head as it often can...

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    Darn! I missed this. Spelljammer and Dark Sun!!!!

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    In would totally have voted Birthright with Spelljammer being a close second.

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    You all do know that this survey was over 4 years ago right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    You all do know that this survey was over 4 years ago right?
    Yeah, I know, that's why I said I would have... with 2E live here on FG now has me hoping and thinking.

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