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    [FGDaze] Eye of Kilquato - Savage Worlds - Pulp

    Savage Worlds - Eye of Kilquato - Pulp

    Beginners Welcome

    Buck Savage, Virginia Dare and the rest of the crew have been contracted by the metropolitan Museum of art to recover the legendary Eye of Kilquato. Venture forth into the steamy jungles of Brazil and face all the perils that 1939 South America has to offer!

    Run time should be about 4 hours, with game start at 4pm PST, USA. Pregen characters available for your purusal at https://www.peginc.com/freebies/Pulp/Pregens_Pulp.pdf
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    Was FGDaze just yesterday? If so, I fear I've missed it. This looks like a lot of fun in an inventive setting. Please count me in if I have not missed the boat.

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    Indeed you have missed this boat. 15 games ran across many genres - lots of fun had by all.
    Stay tuned more games coming soon.

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