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    Who has to buy what?

    If I'm the GM and I have 12 players, do we each have to buy the full license? Or, does only the GM need the full and the players need the light??? Any clarificarion would be great!


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    The GM needs the full license and the lite license is sufficient for the players.

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    If I am a GM who wants to use the software to reveal portions of the map, as it is explored, to the players, do I need both a FULL license and a LITE license? None of my players would be using the software to manage their characters, and I anticipate I would initially only be using the software to display maps via a monitor or projector to the players.


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    You can use a single full license to connect to a second instance of the software running on the same computer. If you are using two computers, you need a full and a lite license (or two full licenses).

    Running two instances on a single computer takes quite a bit of resources, but I've had up to four running on this modern PC.
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    Hello, two quick questions.

    One of my computers is still limping along with a 16mb video card, yet the requirements are 32mb. Has anyone successfully ran this program on a system that uses a 16mb video card and does it function well enough for gaming?

    And second, let's say a user buys a lite license, and later he or she decides he wants the full license so that he can DM. Will there be an option to upgrade your license without needing to purchase a second license?

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    It depends on what else is using the video memory of your card. Less than 16MB of video memory is absolutely required by Fantasy Grounds, but if your Windows is running a high resolution desktop, 16MB won't suffice. Fantasy Grounds will utilize video memory beyond 32MB if available.

    Having a low amount of video memory will result in texture trashing (loading graphics over the AGP bus every frame) and a 16MB video card probably doesn't have a high speed AGP bus, so you'd have a noticeably poor framerate when moving windows around or throwing the dice.

    I want to emphasize that we have not tested the software on a 16MB card and cannot guarantee it to work on one.
    Ville Leino
    Fantasy Grounds
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