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    Adventurer's League DM with ultimate licence looking for players.

    Hello! If you are all about fun and adventure, shoot me a private message. All player experience levels welcome. Pretty full right now but always lining up future games. Thanks. Huzzah!
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    Would love to start a sequence from the beginning. Depending on the when of the game, I'm game.
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    I'd be interested, just give me an email. nathans763 a t hotmail d o t com
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    I am interested in playing, depending on Game time.

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    Hi, look me up on Skype...rootsiemon from Atlanta. We'll chat more soon.

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    Also very interested depending on day/time

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    Hi. I'll respond to those who inquired up to this point before continuing if needed. Thanks for the interest.

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    im very interested as well I play roll 20 and some fg now, I have 1 lvl 3 2 lvl 5's and 1 lvl 8

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    i too am interested subject to the specifics

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