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    Having lots of Minis

    Was thinking of doing a photo shoot of them top down.
    Have to do some jewelry photos any way so figured I would give it a try.

    Figuring they can not be shared due to back yard lawyers, but wanted to see if anyone had tried this method yet?


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    Having to remove the background for transparency sounds like a lot of work. Good luck!

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    taking photos in a lightbox will make this much easier Mask.

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    Get a piece of bright green construction paper and put the mini on top of it. Then pull the image in a graphic editor and choose the magic wand selection tool. Most programs should have it and by tweaking the tolerance you should be able to left-click + Del and the background will be gone. I find a neon color makes it less likely there will be a color conflict for the magic wand (which may be a problem if you have a white background.
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    I was going to recommend the green construction paper as well. I have taken a bunch of top down photos with my minis over the years.

    The magic wand works great with paint.net which is a free program, when there is a nice bright green background. Then smooth the edges and the image will look great.
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