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    Does the Ruleset support the creation of Random Tables? The right click Table function in the Story Window works fine but I'd like to add some tables for random output using automated dice rolls like the DnD ruleset has. Is that possible with the curent version? If not I'd like to add it to the feature request.

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    No. And I'll bet you anything that in the current form, it will never happen. Trenloe is too busy with Pathfinder 2 and with FGU coming up, it would make little sense to add it to the old one. Hopefully someone will port it, some day.

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    Adding the rollable tables functionality would come with migrating this ruleset to be layered on top of CoreRPG. That's not a simple task. As viresanimi mentions, my focus has changed to Pathfinder Second Edition - and will be for the foreseeable future. I don't play Star Wars any more, so I really don't want to take on any major tasks for this ruleset beyond maintenance to keep it compatible and running. I'd be happy to give pointers to any community members who want to make changes/updates.
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    Thanks for the answers. I am hoping this ruleset doesn't die as Unity comes onboard but I 100% understand Trenloe's commitment to a system he is active with (Pathfinder 2). I know a few people have shown interest with getting this compatible with Unity, and a couple of posts about getting it to the CoreRPG base. I'll keep watching this forum, and if I figure out a way to be helpful I will definitely pitch in. I am not familiar with xml and just have a basic understanding as I trudged through replacing "the see page..." data with info from the books to the Players Libray and GM Library for my home game.

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    The Star Wars ruleset's the reason I bought Fantasy Grounds way back when; Roll20's implementation required a monthly sub to work and was kind of half-assed. I definitely want to see it ported to Core so it can take advantage of the extra features and broader compatibility, but as long as it can run under Unity I'm good as-is.

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