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    DSA, Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye)

    Newly Uploaded is the Ruleset for DSA.

    DSA 4 ("Das Schwarze Auge" in english known as "The Dark Eye") is a roleplay system from Germany. Its owned by Ulissess Spiele GmbH. Based on the 4e Ruleset this RS was forged by Verokh and Fenloh.


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    This is Great, I will have to check it out!
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    Hi there.
    Is there a working download link, or an alternative version for the DSA-ruleset somewhere? I searched the site, but this was the newest result.

    Thx in advance and best wishes from Germany


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    I second this question: Does someone of you have a working download link for the DSA Ruleset?

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    Hitcher would you be interested in running a session of Das Schwarze Eye at FGCon7 in October?

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    Now that it's translated into english has anyone taken a look at the system?
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    Is there a link to the translated version or is the one above in English?

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    I'm not sure the English translation is for sale yet is it?
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    I know Doug was looking for a dev to work on the ruleset as Ulissess Spiele ran the KS for the newest edition, not sure if he actually got any takers.
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