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    Hi nightchilde2,

    I'm not on my computer but I think I remember that the .pak is the archive of the folder of the ruleset, not the folder itself. ie the xml files are not in the root of the .pak

    You can unzip the .pak to use it.
    Hm. Looking at the .pak I see the xml files in the root of the .pak. Obviously I'm doing something wrong or something. I'll keep on trying.

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    No at the root of the .pak there's the folder "Earthdawn04". Unzip the.pak so you'll have /rulesets/Earthdawn04/base.xml

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    When you create an extension/module/ruleset, you should not include the top level folder in the zip file, otherwise FG will not recognize it and the user will have to unzip it to use it.

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    Is this ruleset working for FGU?

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