I am very excited to be involved as the Composer and Sound Designer in the newest Darkraven Games Kickstarter,
bit.ly/DarkravenREDUXlive until Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015.
We provide soundscapes for Board Games, RPGs, LARPs, Video Games, and more.

We received a lot of requests for expanding our horror pack to include new soundscapes for Cthulhu,
so we went ahead and created an entire new pack. This will be the second Cthulhu soundscape pack from Darkraven Games,
and not only can you get the new Cthulhu 2 Soundsuite: Return of the Old Ones - Add-on Pack
but you can get it bundled with our original Cthulhu pack as well.

Gaming soundscapes will never be the same after this project.
It's not just amazing backgrounds for your games but it's fantastic original music fused together.
You won't watch TV or a movie with the sound muted so why play your games that way!
Make your games come alive with our premium immersive soundscapes.
Create scenes that you and your friends will remember and be talking about for years to come.
The ambient backgrounds and music in these 10 minute audio loops will add a new dimension to every moment in your game.
Our tracks combine high quality professionally engineered ambient environments with originally composed music.
Just like in musical theatre, radio programs of old, TV shows, video games and movies
this intersection of sound and emotion will transport your gaming experience to the next level.

We would greatly appreciate your support, and would hope to enhance your gaming experiences.
Thanks so much!
Joshua Cohen