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    Adding Homebrewed Skills

    Hi again,

    Quick question here: Is it possible to add additional skills to the list of skills?


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    You can add them manually to the skill list - right-click and select "Create Item" or click the brown / icon in the bottom right.

    If you want to add additional skills permanently to your ruleset, you'll need to modify the scripts\data_common.lua file in the 5E ruleset (5E.pak). Look for the skilldata section and add a line similar to the others, you don't have to use the Interface.getString command as this is just a way of keeping the label resources in one place so that it is easier to translate. Use something like ["My new skill name"] = {stat = 'strength'}.

    Or, if you understand how extensions work, the best way would be to make an extension to adds to the skilldata table. Some info on adding to tables in data_common.lua here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...l=1#post168814
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