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    First real game of M&M on FG

    So after I worked through all the kinks with your guys help, which I appreciate a ton, I had my first M&M game on FG. Its being run in the DC world with a melding of much of my own things involved. It went over very well and honestly the ruleset did what I needed it to do. There are a few issues with character sheets which needed to be worked around which threw some of my players off but I cant express how pleased I am with the purchase. Thank you to whoever put the work into this ruleset as the Dev.

    There were a few things, like the red text on the light blue background made it hard for some players to read other players actions since there was no change in background during action texts but Im sure theres a way to change those things and I just dont know how to do it. Again Kudos to those who put work into this and I will be having plenty more sessions in this ruleset Im sure of it.

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    All in all I think that the rulset works great. I did do a post where I list some of my observations here.

    I I could only request one enhancement it would likely be to the conditions area. It really could be more rounded and include the 'active until save' options from other rulesets like 4e and 5e. In fact 5e is shaping up real well for power effects and conditions.

    FYI the person who developed the ruleset is psicodelix.
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    I can agree with all your assessments in your post on corrections. I however dont expect to see many if any of those things updated. Im just not sure there is enough mutants and masterminds love to make it viable. I read another post on here about the viability of getting updates to even purchased rulesets like M&M and I understand how its not profitable for Devs or even feasible in some cases so I will be happy it works as well as it does and spend a ton of time making modules for it on my own.

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    I agree and disagree with you.

    Psicodelix is no longer actively supporting the ruleset, he did make one update as I recall, so we can't expect that he will make the additions/corrections. However, SmithWorks has told me when I asked that the would be happy if someone else wanted to pick it up and make enhancements.

    I think the first thing that any new developer would need to do is convert it to the latest edition of FGII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakosDJ View Post
    I think the first thing that any new developer would need to do is convert it to the latest edition of FGII.
    Even that is not a trivial task either though...

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    From my understanding thats monumental. Almost to the point its creating the ruleset from scratch. I was wondering is there now way to shrink your map size. I know the Alt and mouse wheel but Im talking about the map frame. In other rule sets you can move it so you have to scroll around on larger maps. Doesnt seem M&M supports this which is a shame since hero maps tend to be larger blocks worth of space

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    Nevermind! I figured it out.

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    Shift-Drag the bottom right corner to resize the map frame, for anyone wondering how to change non-fixed window sizes. There is a minimum size for map frames.

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    Session 2 and 3 went super well. Ive come to really like this ruleset and it has more then enough functionality. Obviously I would love to see an update since this was paid for, but I also am not very picky. I read the forums before I bought it.

    The players love both the ruleset and the game. The game is easy to run due to the fact Im not worrying about where everything is and how it works. Thanks for the little tips as Im not quite comfortable with the framework

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    Have played a few more sessions and its working out perfectly. The players also have hero labs with the mutants and Masterminds 3e set and I use realm works as well which makes everything so much easier to keep straight. We wanted to play tonight and sadly there were connection issues and we couldnt get on. Hopefully its just a maintenance thing

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