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    Built-in Effects

    Hi all,

    I noticed on Steam that the some effects are built into the table for 5e ruleset.
    I do not have any effects listed in my ruleset except what I programmed. How do I get the default list to show up?


    Also, how do you get just the title to show up in the list of effects. I see the whole string in the effects window, not just the title.

    ex. "Blade Ward;RESIST:bludgeoning,slashing,piercing" is what we see not "Blade Ward"

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    These are the "Conditions" listed here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/5E_Effects

    You don't get them to show up automatically in your campaign, they are parsed in the effects manager when you use just the name as written in the Conditions table. You can add them in manually to the campaign effects list - just type in the condition name exactly as it appears.
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