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    Difficulties to understand exactly Effect creation


    I'm going everywhere on the forum or the wiki, but i just cant figure out how to create a proper Effect.

    I want for example to create Rage (for Barbarian).
    I therefore need to go in Modifier and create a DMG +2 modifier.
    Then i create an effect called Rage.
    Then i drag and drop the DMG +2 Modifier onto the Rage effect.
    Then i drag and drop to test on my Barbarian.
    But whatever happens, there is no +2 DMG for the Barbarian.

    I dont know exactly what i'm doing wrong.

    Plan B : where is exactly the video tutorial for all this as i know the ressource is there but i cant figure out where to get a very 'plug and play' explanation.
    Thanks for your help
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    It's "DMG: 2". Have a look in the Wiki for more details and examples.

    For a barbarian, you're probably better off creating the effect in the character sheet, as a pseudo-spell.

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    I just got a new job in Montana; I moved 1300 miles and signed a lease this afternoon. Once I have internet set up again I'm planning to compile a list of various effects examples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegroo View Post
    Thanx !!
    I went to the Wiki as i said, but some examples for each line/modifiers would have been very helpful.

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    would this work Rage;STR: 4; CON: 4; SAVE: 2 will,morale; AC: -2;ADVSAV: STR;ADVCHK: STR ?

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    I'm not sure if this would help, but I have set up a (blank) Google Doc for people to add their effects codes. The last column is for confirmed tests. Once a code has been confirmed it could be transferred to the official wiki? I, for one, would find an effect repository very useful.

    Google Doc (anyone can edit)

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    Hey El Condoro - add some to get it started.

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    I struggle with effects, but I put up 2 as starters: a class feature and a spell.

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