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    Few clarifications:

    • Page 5 Damage Multiplier: %2 means halved damage. Some creatures, such demons (in Fantasy Companion) have special ability that states demon takes half-damage from non-magical attacks.
    • Page 14 Targeting Step 3: Alternatively you can drag attack attribute and drop it on any entry in combat tracker to make attack roll against that combatant.
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    No problem, that would be great! I have updated the document to version 1.2. Here is link. I will also edit my post above and add this detail. This version includes notes on the Make NPC and Names extension by Ikael. Love how easy this makes importing stat blocks!!
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    heyhogan, I'm using your great guid to get back into the SW saddle and catch up on the significant SW ruleset feature updates. A few things to raise for discussion:
    1. Somewhere I found a PDF from Ikael on "The Basics of Targeting" in SW after the recent major overhaul. It was very helpful. Could that guide be linked to this thread, as well?
    2. I spotted a typo in the Supplement Guild v1.2: on Page 9, in the explanation for the Red Flag Icon, references to "#8" should actually be "#10"
    3. This guide so far doesn't list all the new tabs appearing under Ruleset Icons (page 4): Story now has a "Quests" tab; Images now has both "Folder" and "Store" tabs; Personalities has a "Encounters" tab; you've noted the new tabs under Items. Not even sure what some of these are for, myself; is there an explanation listed somewhere? I don't see it on the wiki page here:
    4. Could a Change Log for the SW ruleset be included at the end of this guide? That'd be quite helpful. (I've asked phantomwhale about such a current Change Log for the ruleset at this link.)

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    #1 - Sure - added link to Targeting 101 at top of thread.
    #2 - V1.2 is old, go download 2.0 - NOTE: THE LINK WAS GOING TO 1.1 so I just fixed it!!

    #3 - I believe that I got this covered in version 2.0 Some explained, some not.
    #4 - The ruleset changelog is available in its own thread!

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heyhogan View Post
    #2 - V1.2 is old, go download 2.0 - NOTE: THE LINK WAS GOING TO 1.1 so I just fixed it!!
    Aha. MUCH better!

    Quote Originally Posted by heyhogan View Post
    #3 - I believe that I got this covered in version 2.0 Some explained, some not.
    Some things such as Quests, are not--nor can I find a clear answer on the wiki.

    Quote Originally Posted by heyhogan View Post
    #4 - The ruleset changelog is available in its own thread!
    Sorry to ask, but where is this?

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    Quests are basically for the party sheet to award xp. It's been rolled into CORERPG to accomodate the One True Rpg to Rule them all, so Savage Worlds inherits it even if there's no need for it because it's layered on top of it.
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    Thanks Mask.

    One more point for hey hogan: v1.2 of your guide is still found in the \appdata\docs folder as far as I can tell--so perhaps Phantomwhale & co. can do their wizardry to prompt thus update at some point? That was part of my confusion as well.

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    Need some help-having a lot of issues with my Savage Worlds 3 ruleset.
    It throws up faults when I open certain items form the library-red error messages in new window.
    If I try to join my own game locally I can't create a new character.

    I think something got corrupted but am not sure now whether I can delete the whole thing and re install.


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    Use the ruleset that just says SavageWorlds and not the SavageWorlds3 version. In the description, it is actually Release version 4 now.

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    This was very, very helpful to someone just getting started with Savage Worlds. I've spent over 400 hours with Fantasy Grounds in 5e and this PDF has been very helpful since Savage Worlds has many subtle differences. I appreciate it!

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