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    Savage Worlds Supplement for 4.0

    Here is the latest version of the Savage World Supplemental. Please review and comment on areas that need updating!

    Version 3.0

    Targeting 101 -


    Version 2.0

    Version 1.2 - Includes info on Make NPC! extension
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    Extremely great document once again, thank you very much!

    Few erratas + tips & tricks:

    • Page 5: Left click to cycle through the options of : Targeting Off, Targeting On, Targeting Forced against Party. --> Targeting Forced against Parry
    • Page 5: Armor Adjustment, Armor Piercing Adjustment, and a Damage Multiplier. --> Armor piercing can only be set to be positive number. Armor Piercing can be set to be negative or positive number.
    • Page 5: You can also drag from +Damage dice icon and drop it to chat to roll acing damage d6. You can use this when you forget to add the raise to your damage roll.
    • Page 5: +Damage dice icon is highlighted automatically when you score raise in targeted attack.
    • Page 8: #3: Drag it down into the combat tracker to clone the NPC onto a new line. --> By default when dragging it will MOVE given entry. For instance if you drag it from there and drop it to any other group (#7). If you want to duplicate entry instead of moving hold ALT down and drag + drop
    • Page 8: #4: NPC bennies are automatically setup: 2 + modifiers such as Luck or bad luck.
    • Page 8: #5: If preference "Raise calculator" is set either to Default or Smart, then double clicking (or middle-mouse clicking) any number value will transfer it into raise calculator
    • Page 9: #7: Hold down ALT and click the icon to duplicate the entry. Works only for NPC entries.
    • Page 9: #7: So, for example, if you want to have 5 kobolds in one group, you would drop the kobold NPC link onto this icon. --> By default if you drag existing CT entry and drop it here it will move that entry to be part of this group.
    • Page 9: #8: You can also double-click the card to active On Hold.
    • Page 9: #8: Joker adds +2 to your trait and damage rolls automatically only if you have enabled the "Auto-apply Joker bonus" preference
    • Page 10: #10: If GM wants to deactivate current combatant he can click middle-mouse button on top of the active flag to make it unactive.
    • Page 10: #11: If preference "Auto-apply damage result" is CONFIRM and you drop any number on this field it will become damage result against the given entry.
    • Page 10: #11: Double click the entry to center the map to that token. Work also in client combat tracker.
    • Page 11: NOTE: Hover over icons to get a text description of them. To Delete a combatant, right click on their Name – the delete combatant icon is on the lower left side. --> If you want to delete to whole group hold down ALT and select the delete combatant(s) icon.
    • Page 11: How to Drag and Drop a Bennie to the Combat Tracker --> You can also scroll on the field to increase/decrease bennies
    • Page 12: When you have dragged token on map the token on CT has small frame around it, maybe new picture is required to demonstrate this? This helps GM to identify which tokens are already on map
    • Page 12: If GM setup creature's Space and Reach and drag+drop token on map they are automatically taken account when determining the size and reach of the creature
    • Page 16: Wild Die tool only setup the default wild die for NPCs When you create NPC that default value is set for the given NPC, but you can also change wild die preferences per eac NPC individually
    • Page 17: From Card Deck tool you can also drag a card as GM and drop it to existing hand, to chat, to CT initiative field, on PC portrait (to give that card to given player)
    • Page 17: Right click on GM Coin and select Setup GM Bennies to draw as many bennies as there are PCs.
    • Page 20: Mood features --> Display Mood-box next to chat. User can type his mood expression there without using /mood command
    • Page 20: Display dice type number on trait --> Max value of the dice is displayed next to any trait dice.
    • Page 20: Raise calculator --> Off / Default / Smart --> When not off it will render small toll next to dices which can be used to do raise math for you. Difference between Default and Smart mode is that when Smart mode is used any derived stat dragged and dropped on tool becomes target automatically (even if dropped on score field).
    • Page 20: Shortct key for disabling Damage Penalties --> When set ON you can hold SHIFT down to ignore all wound+fatigue+encumbrance penalties
    • Page 20: Shortcut keys for Targeting --> When set to CTRL & ALT you can hold down CTRL and/or ALT to activate different stages of targeting. By holding CTRL down the normal targeting is activated. When holding ALT down the targeting forced against parry is activated.
    • Page 20: Show Damage Adjustment options --> If set to OFF damage modifiers such as: Armor adjustment, Armor piercing adjustment, Damage multiper are hidden.
    • Page 20: Auto update Derived stats --> When set ON you cannot just input values to final derived stat fields, instead you can double click, middle-mouse click or right click (and select bonuses option) to setup numerous modifiers to given derived stat and the final output is calculated automatically even if you adjust the base value. Usability/User/Feedback input: Prefer to use ON setup.
    • Page 20: Auto update Weapon damage --> When set to ON damage dices are automatically updated when any source is updated, for instance weapons with STR+d6 damage dices are updated when strength value changes.
    • Page 20: Auto-apply Joker bonus --> When set to ON, if combatant has JOKER card in combat/chasetracker s/he is granted +2 bonus automatically to trait and damag rolls during the time s/he has the JOKER card.
    • Page 21: Show PC Armor stat --> When set ON new field is displayed next to PC toughness. This field can be used to declare how what is his/her armor value (affects final toughness value if "Auto update Derived stats" is set ON, otherwise very important in targeting feature)
    • Page 21: Apply Damage results --> Either OFF, ON or CONFIRM. When set ON any damage rolls against given entry are automatically applied. If set to CONFIRM, then any damage roll will display damage result entry next to CT entry which GM can apply or disapprove. GM can also change the outcome by setting up SOAK result. Usability/User/Feedback input: Prefer to use CONFIRM setup.
    • Page 21: Effect duration proceeds on: Either "Caster's turn" or "Target's turn". By default Caster's turn is the original Savage Worlds rules but additional option "Target's turn" is provided to support other famous effect duration rule: Effect always procees on target's turn.
    • Page 21: Reset targeting after turn: Either OFF, ON, PC Only. This option if set to ON or PC Only will remove all targeting after every combatant's turn. If set to ON then everyone's targeting is cleared up automatically. If set to PC Only then only PC entry's targeting is cleared up.
    • Page 27: Power Points are only displayed if Arcane Type selection is anything else than None (However using No Power Points preference option hides them anyways)
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    Wow great job man! Thanks for this.
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    Ikael, Thanks a TON for the feedback. I will be adding your feedback in as soon as I can. I am going on vacation in a couple of days, so I will not have a chance to do the update until Nov 30th. I have already added a section on the Party Sheet and Calendar. Hope to beef that up a bit. I am also a bit confused about the targeting stuff. Any comments you have there would be helpful. I just discovered the calculator last night and find that very cool. Need more info on that included. Thanks!
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    Have you checked out this video?
    This might answer many of your questions. I know it answered many of mine.
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    Gonna sticky this one, and unsticky the 3.4 version.

    Awesome work, man. Hopefully with new 4.0 release and fresh questions, there should be plenty of material to flesh this out more, and possibly even people willing to contribute back updates / fixes to the content where applicable
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    Thanks for making this sticky and unsticking 3.4 as it is not needed any more. I was thinking about that myself and wondering who to suggest that to. I have a made a LOT of additions and I am only 1/2 way through the suggestions for Ikael. I will post an update Thursday before I go on vacation, and hope to see more feedback that I can incorporate when I get back.
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    Excellent manual - I really needed this. I'd very much appreciate if you could keep updating it!

    Thank you for the hard work!

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    Great work!

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    heyhogan, would you mind if we added this PDF to the patch tool so it auto-downloads into the docs folder for Savage Worlds ruleset owners?

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