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    Steam linkage to FG not showing as owned in FG store

    So when I buy something in Steam I can download it no problem and I can use it in FG. What does not happen is in the FG store it still shows that it is for sale and not owned. Currently for me it is WOTC5ESKT D&D Storm King's Thunder.

    I now see I bought Players Handbook twice because of this. I bought the bundle and since it did not show as owned I ended up buying it again. Order receipt (order id 171672)

    Is this normal? Do I just need to track this myself? I have done the sync multiple times and I do see that I own it in Store "Ordered Items (from FantasyGrounds.com, Steam, drivethrurpg)".


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    Yes, purchases from Steam are not reflected in the Store - only store purchases are listed there. The syncing of accounts is needed so that FG knows that you have Steam purchases. In order to get the best benefits from any bundles you should buy all in one place.

    Send an email to [email protected] to get a refund for the double purchased PHB.
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    Thank you! I have sent in an email. I was hoping I could refresh it some way and get it to show as purchased. All programs have quirks and I am just learning the one here. I think I will buy them through the FG store going forward. It is nice to have it all listed in one place as the correct status.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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