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    Fantasy Grounds in Ubuntu/Linux/WINE

    Fantasy Grounds in Ubuntu/Linux/WINE

    I am writing this guide doing my best to not gouge out my eyes. It has been a pleasure to use Fantasy Grounds on a Mac in WINE using Winebottler and Wineskin Winery, and my Mac players are most appreciative of the pre-wrapped version that downloads from Steam. Zeus (DrZeuss) has done an excellent job supporting and documenting that environment. I hope Smiteworks is paying him well for all of the hard work he's put in over the years, I really do. Meanwhile, I have bags under my eyes trying to find the right combination of winetricks and dependencies to get Fantasy Grounds to install and properly run in Linux on an older system using a 1.6GHz Atom processor with 2GB RAM and an integrated Intel graphics card. Bottom of the barrel.

    I am using Ubuntu LTS and will instruct on how to get FG running in a vanilla Unity Ubuntu install, using the built-in Software Center and without using any extra software repos. My goal is to create instructions that do not require a user to open a terminal window *gasp.

    Update Ubuntu
    - Run the prescribed updates in Software Updater
    - Reboot
    Fantasy Grounds Installer Download
    - open Firefox on the Ubuntu system and go to
    - save the FG installer to a local folder, anywhere, Downloads is good
    - close Firefox
    Install PlayOnLinux
    - open Software Center
    - search for and install playonlinux
    - Tools > Manage WINE versions
    -- PlayonLinux First Use, just click Next
    -- Install 1.7.30 by highlighting it and clicking the arrow
    -- Click Next on the Wine 1.7.30 installer and wait for it to complete
    -- Close wine version manager
    - Install a non-listed program
    -- Click Install > Install a non-listed program
    -- Manual Installation starts
    -- Install a program in a new virtual drive
    -- name it FantasyGrounds2
    -- Do NOT select "use another version of wine", "configure wine", or "install some libraries"
    -- Wait while a virtual drive (prefix) is created.
    -- Select the install file to run, Browse to FGWebInstall.exe, Next
    -- Install Fantasy Grounds
    --- FG Installer will run
    --- Agree to terms
    --- make sure Cross-Platform compatibility is checked and hit OK
    --- FG Updater runs, downloads everything, installs, then attempts to run FG
    --- ERRORS will pop up
    ----- ignore these, just hit OK
    --- Choose a shortcut: FantasyGrounds.exe
    --- Name your shortcut, just keep default is fine, click Next
    --- Choose I don't want to make another shortcut, click Next
    - Configure Fantasy Grounds in PlayonLinux
    -- Go to the list of applications in PlayOnLinux
    -- Highlight FantasyGrounds2
    -- Click Configure and Display tab
    --- offscreen rendering mode > backbuffer
    --- render target mode lock > readdraw
    -- Close all windows
    Run FG from the desktop shortcut, and license it from within.

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    Thanks Sturtus.

    Does it run fairly well still on that machine once you've gotten configured? Also, I thought it was against the laws of the universe to complete that many steps on Linux and not use a terminal screen for at least 1 or 2 steps.

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    Dice animations are pretty low FPS, but for somebody running a 7YO laptop you take what you can get. I tested the default test campaigns and all was well enough. Tonight I plan to connect this laptop to my hosted campaign just to verify the network functions.

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    Worked fine. If somebody were to make a script for PlayOnLinux that did this all automatically like all of their other games, I bet you'd sell some copies. Seems like a cheap investment.

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    Out of interest: Why did you configure the registry settings (or display option in play on linux) "offscreen rendering mode > backbuffer" and "render target mode lock > readdraw"?

    I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and Wine 1.7.18 and it works with or without these settings. I noticed, that I have to use a "emulate a virtual screen" in Wine options. Without it, maximizing the FG2 window will not work correctly.

    Another thing I noticed is that when FG2 is started, it will use 100% of one CPU, even when in IDLE mode. Setting "env __GL_YIELD=USLEEP" halved CPU usage without slowing down FG2.

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    On my HP laptop, the application would not refresh after its initial screen without back buffer enabled, and the UI was completely mirrored until I enabled read draw. Mileage may vary for different GPU's.

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    Sorry for the res on the thread but I have a question. I just used this to get Fantasy Grounds working on my Ubuntu 14.10. It works great! Being the release of 5e's stuff though I purchased the adventure and ... welp, how do I install it? I tried it shows up in the update when I use my forums log in but nothing appears in the "Load Campaign" section.

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    The adventures are modules inside the campaign. Start a 5e campaign and then open the book in the Modules section.
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    Nylanfs has it right. Depending on which modules you purchased, you should see a new theme option for any 5E campaign you launch. Then, inside your FG campaign, you should go to Library | Modules to activate your individual purchases.

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    This worked on my Fedora 21 (x64) Linux laptop. Thank you Sturtus for your linux install instructions. Very much appreciated!

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