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    I'd have to look at the code, but I'm guessing it's not supported. I added to my list to review for 5E additions, but no promises. Might be easy, or might be complex. Won't know until I give it some focus time.


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    awesome MW! i'm just wondering if there is a shorter, better syntax. ideally, i'd like to see "RESIST: all; VULN: psychic".

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    Is there away to emulate heavy armor master with regards to the 3 damage reduction for piercing, slashing, and blunt damage from nonmagical? I tried doing RESIST: 3 slashing and so forth but it just does half damage, it doesn't factor in the 3 at all.

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    Not currently. The heavy armor master feature is currently the only usage of a fixed amount of damage resistance in the game system that I could find. I haven't had a chance to implement something like that yet.


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    Thank you for the quick response. Moon Wizard you are doing a great job with the rule set.

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    This is only indirectly related, but you guys seem to be effects masters. Could you please tell me the syntax for "gain a +1 AC bonus against ranged attacks"? My best guess is:

    AC: 1 ranged

    but this did not work for me.

    Thanks, Kevin

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    "AC: 1 ranged" is working for me. See attached image. Note the "[DEF EFFECTS +1]" note when the attack roll is compared to the target AC.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    hi guys, is there a thread where i can find all the implemented 5e features? i recently found out about the reroll # one but i was wondering if there's somewhere with all the available options, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    "AC: 1 ranged" is working for me.
    It is now working for me too. I must have done something wrong last time. Thanks for the help.


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