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    So, I may be using some of these maps... I much appreciate the detail and effort you've put into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torgaard View Post
    Dang, just realized I forgot to upload my "Sanctuary" map. I'll have to try'n remember that (tonight when I get home).

    My campaign is kind of on a temporary hiatus, but I hope to have some more maps cooked up soon(ish).
    By any chance did you upload your Sanctuary map?

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    I actually can't find that dang thing (on my computer). It might've died with my hard drive crash awhile back. I found the church, but that's not much help.

    There's some good news though! It's a little embarrassing that I'd forgotten this, but it turns out I'd posted it HERE over at the Cartographer's Guild. LOL, I have like zero-recall of posting that thing. Kind of a relief I guess - at least that version of it survived. So there ya go, hope that'll work. It's unfinished, not my best work, but it's the only thing that survived the fire (so-to-speak).

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    Thanks very much for the link! (and all the work that you put into those maps too)

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    Thank you very much for the maps!

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    just wondering if you happen to have any more of these maps?

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    Look in the Armory > Maps

    And welcome to FG and the forums to both of you!
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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    Made an account just to say thanks for the maps.

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    Welcome to the forums and FG community!
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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