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    Thanks Torgaard, turns out my girl bought Photoshop cs6 a couple months ago (full purchase, no cloud) and i can use that. No time like the present to learn a new program XD
    Anyways looking forward to seeing your Mill and Sanctuary maps

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    Great work on the maps. Fantastic quality. I'm going to be starting HotDQ in a few weeks. So, these will come in very handy. Thanks for posting them and keep them coming

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    Just stumbled across these. Awesome.

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    Sweet! Can't wait for The Mill and Sanctuary ones!

    Also, if you want to overlay a grid onto an image, here's a killer free tool.

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    We got back to the game a few weeks back. That means more maps!

    Whipped this up for the "Stragglers" encounter in Episode 2:

    This one is supposed to be for the "Rearguard" encounter, but I never really finished it:

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    This is my version of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Dragon Hatchery:

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    Wooaaaah, these maps are awesome, you're awesome, and soon my campaigns will be awesome thanks to your maps, are more maps underway =D?

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    Dang, just realized I forgot to upload my "Sanctuary" map. I'll have to try'n remember that (tonight when I get home).

    My campaign is kind of on a temporary hiatus, but I hope to have some more maps cooked up soon(ish).

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    Hey, brand new to this forum, and about to finish chapter 1 with my crew, these maps are a god send, thanks for making/posting them. You are my new favorite person :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torgaard View Post
    Here's my version of "The Old Tunnel" mission:

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    ah yes... the tunnel where my monk almost met his demise to a surprise round of rats rolling 19's while I was rolling 2's.

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