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    Maps - Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Players; no peeking!

    Ok, so no published module is safe from my editorial brush. While the module mentioned that none of the homes in Greenest catch fire, in my mind that didn't build enough tension or possible anger in the party at all the wanton destruction, so my houses are on fire. These first maps are supposed to follow a general path through the town starting in the northwest corner of the Greenest map in the module (the little road there), where I staged the first encounter "Seek the Keep". The 2nd map follows a general path southeast through the town, with the final map being the keep (which I redesigned a little).

    Scale is off a bit on these and I kinda rushed 'em (literally made the first two the night before the first adventure), so...




    This next week or two I'll try to make a map for the "The Old Tunnel" out of the keep, the town church (the "Sanctuary" mission), and the old mill (the "Save the Mill" mission).

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    Nice one Torgaard!

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    Yes! Very nice maps. The houses on fire and lighting are top notch!
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    +1 look forward to the nest set you mentioned, I will be putting these to good use

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    Here's my version of "The Old Tunnel" mission:


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    Thanks so much for sharing these!

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    what program is it you use to make these maps? they are great work, and ive used a couple since i just started running the campaign. I would like to try and make my own from time to time

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    I use Adobe Photoshop CS6. Photoshop's got a pretty steep learning curve, but there's nothing it can't do. I love it! Wish I had a job as like a graphic artist or something, but mostly I just dabble (making maps like this, etc). That being said, I've been using it for like 10 years plus and I'm still learning (a lot...like, every map I make). Note that you can't really get PS as a standalone product anymore. Adobe kinda went full-on cloud (they call it Adobe Creative Cloud), so you can get "Photoshop CC" for like ten bucks a month. But ya kinda gotta pay that pretty much... forever... if you want to keep using it.

    Dundjinni and Campaign Cartographer are designed specifically for making maps like these, and they're designed to be a lot easier to use, so you might want to look at those first (if you haven't already).

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    Some info on different map making software here (certainly not an exhaustive list by any means): http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...ftware-summary
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    Thank you so much for providing these. Recently getting back into D&D with friends after a very long hiatus and these are amazing!

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