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    Top Down Tokens.

    As I was messing around with portraits I though I would have ago with top down characters, that may? or may not be helpful to the community Attachment 7461 I'll do more if you find this type of character useful. let me know in the comments if so.

    Almost forgot this character is a male fighter with long sword and small buckler some thing you may start out with as an adventurer.
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    Very nice. I like top-down and the hand-drawn style looks very clear.

    One slight pedantic note would be that the buckler seems a little far back. It looks as though it's strapped to the wrist rather than held in the fist. Until you get to the heater style (classic shield shape) or tower shields (Roman legionary), shields are held by a bar in the shield boss. They aren't strapped to the arm.
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    Yes of course you are right, I didn't look up the buckler till after I wrote the message and posted the token I'll will have to check in future before I do anything.

    I'm glad you liked it anyway, and I could remove the fingers from the hand that may give it a better look, but it may make the arm look short, but either way I will look into it and change where needed. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

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    Nice work. One can never have enough top down tokens.
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    Thank you. GunnarGreybeard then I will do a lot more, so keep one Eye open for tokens/ portraits / maps.

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    I'm with GunnarGreybeard here . I like it, and you can never get to many topdown tokens . Now go make some more :P. WE NEED MOAR!

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    OK here is another one, a female fighter with a mace and shield Attachment 7467 will do more.

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    One more before I head of to bed A Dwarf Landlord Attachment 7468 this ones for all them GM who need a Tavern Rumor to be spread about.

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    OK this time a wizard A top down view of my icon wizard let me know what you think of it Attachment 7469

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    Those are awesome! keep up the good work!

    I just wish I had some artistic ability.

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