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    Events Calendar My Bookings Order

    Would it be possible for the "My Bookings" chart on the Events page to sort by Date and then Start Time?

    Currently it looks like it sorts by date and then the order of when you booked the game. So if you don't pick them in order of start time, it's more difficult to spot game overlaps.

    Also, I like to be able to reference the games I've played from the last Con, but I'd rather not have to scroll down to see my current bookings. Any way to collapse that list or put it under a Past Bookings?

    Just minor issues if they're easy to fix.


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    Hey d1wright - I hadnt noticed about the daily bookings not properly sorting - I will have a look.
    I cant collapse old books - after FG Con 3 we completely removed the events due to some upgrades but we decided to leave the old events there for reference this time.
    The code is pretty complex...

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1wright View Post
    Would it be possible for the "My Bookings" chart on the Events page to sort by Date and then Start Time?
    This has now been implemented. The booking from FG Con IV have been removed to avoid confusion.

    You might still be able to reference your older bookings by going to the console - click the "WP" icon in the top left corner of the FG Con website and then select Dashboard -> Events -> Bookings. Change "Future Events" to "All Events" and "Needs Attention" to "All" and then press filter.
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