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Thread: Tab Idea.

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    Tab Idea.

    OK.. so I'm working with my campaign and cleaning it up. I noticed all the cool new colors and tab images that are now available. Awesome! Definitely something that was needed!

    So here's the thought that came to me. I can Name my tabs to whatever I want so that I can identify which is which and all.. but what if when you did a 'Title' appeared at the top of that task area that displayed your text... or at least as much of it as would display in the appropriately sized box.

    I name my tab: House of the Beast
    So then whenever I'm in a House of the Beast tab... at the top of that window is displayed: House of the Beast.. on the bar in a nifty little rounded text box.

    I have added this idea to the idea informer... Vote for IT!
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