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    Luddite Ref Needs Help

    Ok so here goes; I am a luddite at heart or by karma? I tried to search and answer regarding the questions I'm about to ask.

    So I am not running a D&D themed game, but a modern one. Tried Roll20, ummmm yeah. This will be for the GDW Twilight 2013 Gaming System using the Phase 1 rules.

    I have the rules, equipment and character sheets on PDF, how do I create "Modules", "Character Sheets", "NPC Sheets", "Character Generation", "Weapons & Equipment"

    Is there a "Create your own Module" system for FG? If not a rough framework would be an amazing add-on for sale in the store.

    Many thanks for any constructive input.

    Saber 6

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    Helo saber6

    Have a look at MoreCore.
    I havent played Twilight 2013 - can you tell me the core roll mechanics?

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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    There was group running T2k here that you may want to try contacting (probably JerryRig as I believe he is still around these days) but as far as I know there is no available ruleset. You'll need to either try making something workable in MoreCore or learn XML and Lua coding and build the ruleset yourself.
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    It is primarily d20 based. Skill checks (based on an attribute like 5E) roll a variable # of d20. Attribute checks always roll 2d20. Attributes have a value between 1 and 15, they are rolled by 2d6 -1 or point buy..

    Task resolution is to roll one or more d20 and if it is lower than or equal to a Target Number (TN) it succeeds. The base TN for skills and attributes are the attribute's value. The TN can be modified by +/- values depending on the GMs discretion. Easily done is +5, Impossible is -5 or worse. There are also bonuses and penalties that can modify the TN. It has Margins of Succcess/Failure also.

    Tasks may state it is a Low roll. For a Low roll, it means roll the dice required and take the Lowest die. Otherwise you roll the dice and take the highest die.

    Again, it has been awhile since I played but that is what I remember of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber6 View Post

    Is there a "Create your own Module" system for FG? If not a rough framework would be an amazing add-on for sale in the store.
    I'd pay for something like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeknom View Post
    I'd pay for something like this.
    As noted that's what the CoreRPG system is for also the MoreCore ruleset gives you even more flexibility. There is also now the DORCore ruleset.
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