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    Maps - Lost Mine of Phandelver

    Thought I'd start throwin' down some maps. If you're a player, no peekin'!

    Here's Cragmaw. Took surprisingly long. Did alot of hand painting of shadows and stairs n' whatnot. Anyway, here ya go:

    The next map or two should go fairly quickly (hopefully).
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    Wow, that's awesome! I've played act 1 so I can look and appreciate.
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    I'm withholding my copies until my players complete them but that is very nice!

    I have the 3 of the locations mapped so far.

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    That's very well done, Tor. What utility are you using to make them?

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    Thats great though I have just spent $1.25 buying a players version of Michael Schley's web site

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadeRaven View Post
    That's very well done, Tor. What utility are you using to make them?
    Photoshop CS6

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    That's awesome looking. Color me highly impressed.

    Any interest in being the cartographer for a free public release module? :P

    I've been seriously considering putting out a Adventure Module for 5E since we'll be a bit short of material early on. I can easily grind out story, scenario, and setting, but I do not relish making maps... just ask my players about the machine-gun, runaway oxen of a recent session.

    Apparently, the found my stick-figure talents to be humorous and worthy of constant commentary.

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    Ya, I could probably help you out there Shade. Shoot me a PM with some ideas of what you're lookin' for.

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    Well they finished part one as I said, here's the first encounter map from our Lost Mines game.


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