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    Beta testing of latest 5E

    I just pushed a beta release for the 5E ruleset with changes for the latest rules per the Basic Rules PDF and the Starter Set box.

    Please give it a run through, and let me know what you find.

    We will be continuing to polish this ruleset, and incorporating updates from the upcoming release of the Core Books.


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    I'm really liking this so far! Going through everything now, making some corrections to my NPCs and PCs, but they are all pretty minor.

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    I'm not sure if critical hits were approached, but if you press shift and roll damage from a weapon, its rolling two extra damage dice instead of one on weapons that only have a single damage die, such as a spear or dagger (1d6 or 1d4, etc.)


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    Inspiration missing?

    I didnt find a box for Inspiration gained through the game.
    Maybe you planned to put it later on the ruleset.

    Great work otherwise, thanks a lot for letting us play with those great tools.

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    On the Actions tab there is a weapons meta data glass. If that is zero the crit does double damage. If the extra die is set to one or more, more are added (duh!). So zero should be the default for double damage.

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    They are set to zero, but what I am finding is you have to open it and close it for every character before it "understands" it. Opening a character from a previous version of the ruleset seems to cause an error to be thrown where that didn't exist before, so it automatically rolls 1 extra crit dice until you open and close Weapons meta window.

    And yes, the only thing I couldn't find was a spot for inspiration, I was very happy to see a spot for Faction and DCI# in the notes!
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    Inspiration will be coming in near future. Based on the rules, it will just be a check box on the Main tab of PC sheet for tracking.

    Thanks for catch on extra crit dice.


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    Main Tab: Passive perception on the front page is awesome. Having both checks and saves there, too, is a beautiful thing. Everything looks good. So much there that's perfect for quick reference and well placed.

    Issue #1: The way you deal with Hit Dice available for healing is sharp has heck. Love it! However, there is a problem with them. The new rules state that on a long rest, you get up to Half your Hit Dice used. Thus, if a second level character were to use both Hit Dice during Rests before taking their Long Rest, when the next day arrives, they would only gain back 1 of the 2 they have available.

    Skill Tab: Again, very well done. I don't have Skills ready in the Library to drag and drop to see if assigning descriptions work, but like the new look.

    Request #1: Not sure how doable this is or whether or not it's even deemed worth the effort, but... what I'd like to see is that skills that get marked as Proficient get sorted to the top. The reason for this is that quiet often, it is only those skills you need the skill tab for (otherwise, you live off the ability checks of the main tab). Granted, players would simply could used to doing a Deception Check instead of choosing between Charisma Check or Deception depending on if it's proficient. Still, it might be nice to see the primary skills at the top. Again, though, not a high priority at all, if even worth implementing.

    Abilities Tab: Looks like what we've seen before, and still rock solid.

    Inventory Tab: Looks like what we've seen before, and still rock solid.

    Notes Tab: Many improvements here! Love it!

    Request #2: Deity field is a bit small. Often I put in something like - Tymora (Good Fortune) - so that when someone references the character's deity, the not only get the name but some extra information on their primary god. Instead of trying to figure out how to fit that in better, I'd actually love to see Deity given a Break-Out box where you can then add further details. Ideally, this might include a spell power like list of various features that can be populated or ignored as desired (things like domains, subdomains, favored weapon, titles, etc), but if it was a simple Text Box where additional information could be added, that would be more than good enough for me.

    Actions Tab: This one was the one that took a little getting used to, but it is an improvement to have everything there. The only thing I was confused about was the use of the "Prepared" tab for spellcasting. Whether I put 1 or 100 in there, it didn't seem to have any bearing on how spells appeared below. All-in-all, though, it was good stuff and well designed.

    Issue #2: Long rest did not reset spell usage. A Wizard that used any number of spells during the course of a day, when a long rest was taken, none of the "check marks" for usage went away. They had to be manually deselected.

    Issue #3: Not a big deal, but I did note that when a critical was rolled on an attack, when damage was rolled, the "auto-apply" of criticals didn't happen. Holding shift, of course, allowed normal critical results to ensue.

    The progress was great! Loved what I saw of the character sheets. I'll dig in deeper when we play next and combat is involved, but we sat down and toyed around with the new character sheet look and working - it was very well received indeed!

    Thanks again, as always!

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    Updating thread in original post with updates to the beta version. Several items you mentioned are addressed as of today.

    • Rest Hit Dice = Fixed.
    • Skills = I thought of percolating them up, but decided against it for consistency of locating skills alphabetically across characters.
    • Deity = A sacrifice for Faction/DCI fields for organized play. Use notes for now. May revisit later once things settle down.
    • Spell Slot Usage Reset of Rest = Fixed.
    • Critical attack roll not triggering critical on next damage roll = I need to investigate.


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    Awesome! I'll keep you informed of anything else we come across as we investigate, but sounds like you are almost fixing them faster than we can find them!

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