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    How to add Hexes in spell tab of NPC?

    I have looked through the search function, and aside from the unfortunate word "hex" or "hexes" also speaking of map spaces, I'm looking to see if anyone has done this? I'm looking to have the ability to "cast" the hex from the spell tab on the NPC block, but am not sure how to set it up? (Shaman from the Advanced Class Guide)

    Would you just make it a memorized spell, or an "innate" daily ability?

    Has this been done before?

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    I just toss them under a new prepped caster category and call it Witch Hexes. For things like Slumber Hex and Healing Hex, I have those as level 0 spells with the DCs properly adjusted. I also then add an effect for Slumber/Healing Hex immunity that I then remove after a day has passed. For Hexes like Flight, it has a level 0 portion for the at will feather fall and a level 1 portion for the comprehend languages portion. For flight, add the fly options as well and tick those off as time goes by. Yes, you'll have like 50 prepped spells for a level, but it works.
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