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    Soooooo.. about a file having well known comic book characters already in it

    There's a forum site www.atomicthinktank.com and upon therein website exists an awful lot of Marvel and DC stat blocks for all the well-known comic book characters.

    I specifically like GAZBuild's builds and sometimes Taliesin's builds.

    So my question is: since all that data is already in existence in the websphere and not causing problems. Surely it would be ok to put said data into a Library file for this ruleset, and then post said library upon these forums right!?? Does anyone already have something like that that they could share with me?

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    Like with anything on the web, some things (a lot) are posted in violation of copyright. Just because it's there and doesn't appear to be causing problems doesn't mean that it's being allowed by the copyright holders.

    So, like anything that could be covered by copyright - get the owner's permission to redistribute that material, unless it's covered by an OGL, Community use/commons or similar agreement.

    If the statblocks in the above threads you reference are the user's own work, then check with them if it's OK to grab them and use them in a Fantasy Grounds module. It might be worth just checking with them to confirm it is their own work and so is not covered by copyright of anyone else.

    I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of the artwork in those threads is covered by copyright and not used with the copyright holder's permission - so I'd avoid using artwork from those threads.
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    Trenloe is spot on. If you can get permission to from the people who built the stats to include them, you can probably include the stats since those are most likely created by the person coming up with what they think the stats would be for various super heroes and villains. The problem is with the names of the characters and with the images. I don't think there is any way around that.

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    Is there anyone who have converted the DC rpg stat to Pc sheets?

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    What about dc super heroes? I would love to use the characters in the source book but typing the characters manually is exhausting. Any chance of conversion?

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    I don't see this as likely, at least nothing official. As far as I know, they don't have the rights to the DC Universe content for Fantasy Grounds just the 3e system itself.

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