View Poll Results: Which character sheet window layout do you prefer as a 5E "player"?

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  • Single window, one tab per section

    21 91.30%
  • Multi-window, one window per section

    2 8.70%
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    If the separate tabs could be assigned to the quickbar the way the current sheet can be, that would be great and I'd be less sad to see the multi-window character sheet go away

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    Still plugging away at character sheet revision. It will not have separate sheets initially, but I'm trying to plan ahead in the design to allow it later.

    Had to rebuild powers page to adapt to new spell casting usage rules, and global spell slots. Also, need to finish critical damage revisions, and dying rules. Zeus has been plugging away at Par5E and NPC updates. I'll probably put out a test update after that, and continue working on details (enabling better feature support).


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    +1. It's hard to express the appreciation we have for the work you put into this.

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