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    Adding Spell List

    Trying to add the druid class from RC I. First, I am unable to add individual spells to a new custom list. Any trick to this? Special place to click to add the spell?
    Second, has anyone already done this work as an extension?


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    I posted a way to do it here( but I've added it here to make it easier.

    Adding a Spell List module is fairly easy to do if you are comfortable with XML. I've attached a ZIP file that has 2 spell lists to level 5 that I'm using for an Arcist in my current campaign. Open up the client.xml file and add your spell lists. Rename the .zip file to .mod and put it in the modules directory to use it. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Saw that and thanks for the quick reply. Is there not a way to do it in the table. I see on radial menu that you can add list. It opens window and I can rename it can say what its base is. I just can figure out how to add spells to the list once i make it.

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    Sorry about that. I am looking into why it isn't working right now. I will let you know what I find.

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    I am not sure why it stopped working. I know it did in the past I resolved a few issues that were keeping it from working and I helped someone create a custom spell list using the new functionality. I've worked on resolving the new issues and have it working pretty well so far but will need to test it further.

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