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    testing another way brb

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    Gave everyone full control permissions on PCgen and temp dir. Sorry was hopeful.

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    Yup that is exactly where it would stop working if it couldn't find the character file. How odd, as it seems to be passing the file path fine. Are you sure the orc.xml file is being created? Can the orc.xml file be opened (ie. not corrupt)?

    DD.exe isn't incredibly complicated. It should just take that xml, bundle it with the definition.xml it creates and zips them, then renames the file .mod. That is pretty much it.

    You have a newer version of PCGen than I'm running. I'll download the new version and see if I get the same error.

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    Ok just tried with PCGen v 6.02.1 and it worked fine.

    Can you post the orc.xml file for me to check out?

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    I reinstalled PC Gen. Ocr.xml in the character dir. C:\temp\ only has definition.xml. No mod file was created.
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    Thanks again for your help. I can allow you access to my PC if you want?

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    Ya remote desktop might be the best move. The orc.xml file looks fine. The definition.xml is for the dryad vampire.

    I just need to see what PCGen is passing, as it looks like the files are all being created properly.

    PM me if you want to do a remote desktop and we can setup a time for it.

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    I was thinking about this last night.

    I'm wondering if the quote marks around the percentage sign are not working for some reason for you. The quotation marks are not necessary. They can be removed, I just put them in as some people had issues without them.

    Try this for the command line:

    DD.exe % c:\temp\

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    You're a freak'in Genius. PCGen worked and DD created the mod. New issue. FG II sees the mod but will not list it in the library after opening it.

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    It does however list the token in the token screen.... Too goofy...

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