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    D&D Adventurers League

    Info has already started to trickle out. Website can be found here. Nothing has been mentioned about online play.

    Although not an official answer, the following was stated in this thread:

    Will the D&D Adventurers League be playable over Virtual Tabletops?

    We don't know yet, D&D Expeditions may possibly be, sorta like LFR was. Mike Mearls said on twitter they were treating online play as home game and that there will be more info in coming weeks about Adventurer's League and home games.

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    I have inquired about the possibility of online play (specifically Fantasy Grounds groups because..well, that's where I run my games , I'm hoping they will open their eyes and see that we're here and quite valid.

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    Tell them the Pathfinder Society already allows it, and see if the response gets better.


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    Latest update:

    Where to Play

    D&D Adventurers League play is focused on in-person public play. This means that in order to maximize the selection of adventures available to you, play should happen in a space open to the public.

    Game stores are supported through the Wizards Play Network, and receive kits with great materials in them to enhance your game. (We’ll talk more about those materials in an upcoming article.) D&D Encounters (our weekly Wednesday program) and D&D Expeditions adventures are both available for your local game store to run.

    Conventions describe any in-person public play that does not happen in a game store. This can include actual gaming conventions, as well as a one-off public gathering or game days. The public must be able to participate in an event in order for it to meet the standards of qualifying as convention play (it can’t be a private or invite-only game). It’s best for a convention to partner with a game store, as the store can sponsor the show and provide kit materials to enhance the experience. Conventions can contact Game Support to request access to D&D Expeditions adventures on their own.

    Private play includes home play and online play. The storyline adventure is considered official for D&D Adventurers League, so folks playing at home and online can participate by picking up these adventures (for the first storyline, Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the Rise of Tiamat are available). They can then bring their characters to a store or convention to participate in D&D Expeditions adventures.

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    Could also include FG Con as a Convention?

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    Grey area I think, as they're classing online play as home play.

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    I think we're going to have to open some communication with Adventurer's League organizers. As long as its a "sanctioned" adventure, it will count if its tracked properly with the League and it will be considered Private Play. It would be nice to get them to consider FG Con as a convention for purposes of opening up the other types of League play to us.

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    Yes indeed.

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    I would think anything that brings the online crowd into the fold would only be a benefit to expanding the D&D base, but we are talking WotC.
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    I've created a Fantasy Grounds Group for the D&D Adventurers Guild

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