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    An interesting post on ENWorld discussing digital tools for 5E

    Post is here.

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    I would LOVE, and spend more money, to be able to just download the 5E data, officially, and get FG2 versions of official adventures. God.

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    That would make life to easy for the GMs so it won't happen....

    That said, it would be nice if a few low level adventures like some of the 3.5/pathfinder stuff that is in the store were available soon after the release. A good way to focus more on the play and learning all the new rules, etc with out having to also spend time creating it in FG.

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    Another hint at digital tools here.

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    Well the site is live and there's some info. I will be mildly optimistic and somewhat hopeful...

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    In addition, I’m excited to share that (once the tool launches) all the latest D&D adventures and content will be available to download as they are released, simultaneously with the physical versions.
    If this includes the ability to purchase pdfs of adventures as they are released... I just fangasmed. So long, hours of typing.

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    @dnd Morningstar: @FJ w1970 adventures and new books will be available through the App - they will not be PDFs
    Well, it was a fun 30 seconds.

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    This is also web based though, so the text may still be in an HTML form of some sort. That would still be better than locked away behind some obscure app. I'm hoping anyway.

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