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    Updated the Optional Rules extension to version 0.5. This version corrects the SetEnabled errors that occur with the latest version of FG and the ruleset. New version in the first post.

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    Maybe I missed a post somewhere. I know you've been extremely busy with the ruleset. What is the plan to update the RMC Optional Rules extension for the new version of the ruleset?

    Bale Nomad

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    Hi Bale Nomad,

    No, you didn't miss it. I just let it slip through the cracks when I was working on the ruleset. I will get it updated soon.


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    This extension has been updated to work with the RMC v2+ ruleset.

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    Neat little extension. We've used the Sneaky Elf option for decades. For MERP/LOTR, we also flip the SD stat for the Terror/Fear resistance for Elves. Not sure about the Elves in other RM worlds, but if they are also less apt to be fearful/break from morale situations, perhaps this could be added? If not, I've adjusted the Elf stats in my campaign and it works nicely. ;-)

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    You can just add a modifier to the Spec or Misc columns to offset the penalty for the Terror RR.

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