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    Extension with Select Optional Rules

    [Updated to be compatible with RMC v2]

    Here's an extension that I am currently using in my campaign that I thought others might want to use. It contains 2 changes. The third thing is in the ruleset now.
    • Rolemaster Companion 1 - 4.22 Elves and SD - The Sneaky Elf Approach
    • Rolemaster Companion 4 - 3.1 Movement Pace Anomalies
    • Initiative used 1d100 instead of 2d10 (included in the ruleset options now)

    The first one changes the SD bonus to a positive number for the Stalk and Hide skills. As long as the race name contains elf in it or it matches one of the Shadow World elf or half-elf race names it will adjust the racial SD bonus to a positive number when calculating the stat bonus for Stalk and Hide skills.

    The second one adjusts difficulties for pace to match the Rolemaster Companion 4 section 3.1. The new values will show up in the combat tracker movement calculator for the MM table to use for the pace.

    The third one is now included in the ruleset so is no longer part of this extension. It uses 1d100 instead of 2d10 for initiative. Initiative seemed too static in my game so I figured I would add a bit more randomness to it.

    RMC Optional Rules v1.0 (Works with RMC v2+)
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    Nice Dakadin.

    I have just manually edited the sneaky elven thing, as I use that optional rule too.
    Initiative D100 is nice because thats how we did in the old times, and I was wondering why that changed.
    I seldom use manuvers and pace in combat as it can slow the combat further down (more rolling and decision making, how fast do I move and what are the consequences of that...), I try to give my combat a more cinematic feeling than a strategic boardgame, if you follow me. I try to pace the combat to get that feeling of blood pumping chaos that combat is and make judgements then and there if what they want to do is possible when it comes to movement. Near impossible, but I try. But maybe with FG doing all the calculations and the easy access to all the info I will change my mind, Ill have to read up on it .

    Very good extension thanks .

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    Thanks, Dakadin. I especially like the added part about matching the Shadow World races.

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    Let me know if there are any elf races that should be included from other settings.

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    How was this implemented if I may ask? We have an Elven Healer who is being killed by the SD mod. I would love to change this for her in the extension so that her First Aid and Meditation skills make more sense culturally (Elves are gifted healers in this setting).

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    If you change from .EXT to .ZIP, you can get to the contents. You will need to look for the rules\scripts\rules_pc.lua file. On line 47 there is an if statement that is checking for the skill names. You will need to add the additional skills to that line using additional or entries. Be sure to use the fullname of the skills. For those two skills I would change this line:
    if string.find(skillName, "[Hh]ide") or string.find(skillName, "[Ss]talk") then
    to this:
    if string.find(skillName, "[Hh]ide") or string.find(skillName, "[Ss]talk") or string.find(skillName, "First Aid") or string.find(skillName, "Meditation") then

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    Thank You!!
    Going to try to get this down now!

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    Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

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