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    I was planning on trying to create a simple ruleset so I could run my collection of old Drakar & Demoner online with some friends but then I found this. Is this ruleset available to the public?

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    Galdrin look in your "Private Messages" box.

    Damned This ruleset is not available to my knowledge anywere.

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    Hey Stollesson - thanks - I was sure I had read that the IP holders said it could only be posted on their forum or something similar. Thanks for the update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stollesson View Post

    I have created an extension for a Swedish game "Drakar och Demoner"

    As a request from another thread her are some pictures.

    Attachment 6506Attachment 6507Attachment 6508
    Me and a few friends are about to start a new campaign in Drakar och demoner and we have been looking for something like this. Don't suppose you could share this mod?

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    I would also love to get access to this, esp if it works well with DoD91 runing several campaigns in it irl and a few online. Would be awsome to be able to use FG2!

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    Oh, the nostalgia! I'd also like to have access to this if possible. I actually joined the Riotminds Kickstarter for the old "Black Rulebook".

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    I would also like to have this if I may. Played Drakar och Demoner loads back in the day. And I have considered going back to it.

    Since it is an extension, do i need the BRP ruleset to use it?

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    Om du kan tänka dig att dela med dig så skulle jag gärna ta emot en kopia av din extension!

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