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    Hi guys,

    You guys alredy played a Ravenloft Campaing, how do u guys who alredy did put the rules of ravenloft in this software?

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    Im not sure about the specific rules of Ravenloft but generally the way it works is someone creates a "ruleset" thats uses the CORErpg (in FG); that creates the special "rules". Atm you would have to be able to understand and write code but someone is currently running a kickstarter to get the funds together so they can make a ruleset editor with proper GUI Ruleset Editor Link
    "The small town of Swampspittle is a charming reminder of how Faerun use to be.Plague victims crawl eloquently down it's dung filled streets; greasing the way with puss from thier buboes.While at least two children a week are burnt as a changeling in the handsome market square. The town boasts two taverns, one humourous dwarf and a shop that sells little things made of straw."

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    Ravenloft is typically a campaign setting for D&D. So, you should be able to play Ravenloft with one of the existing D&D rulesets.

    If there are unique items, NPCs, etc. you want to include with Ravenloft, you can enter them in your campaign as you go.


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