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    Quote Originally Posted by dellanx View Post
    On import into FG seemed to have crashed my system, not sure why.
    Please post the XML that causes this issue.
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    Im new here and to be fair i dont own FG (yet ) - but i playing around with the Demo and testing stuff. Im pretty impressed and love everything so far. But i found out something is bugged with the import from PCGEN. I tested an old and the new version (that alpha one) with, and without the file provided here. I created a char with two weapons, with two-hand fighting feat etc, checked everything before exporting and imported him to my Demo FG. Worked so far but one thing was wrong. I gave him an Longsword in the primary hand and an Handaxe in the secondary hand. The funny thing is FG added to the 1d8+2 damage from the longsword (2 from STR modi) another 2 damage. To the Handaxe too. Normal: 1d8+2/1d6+1 FG: 1d8+4/1d6+3 - i am pretty sure he adds the total STR boni again to both weapons. Maybe a problem with PCGEN or FG i dont know. Maybe someone know how to fix this? It would be pretty awesome if i can create my playerchars with PCGEN

    Or maybe there is another good PC Creator for pathfinder?

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    Hola Gariot - I do believe some of the finer details do occasionally get messed up...

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    Thats sad Because i think its pretty important that i can import a char and know - everything is fine. I noticed too that he dont mark the class skills. He import the correct skills and maths but dont mark the class skills. If i do it manually FG adds another +3 on the skill where i but a point.

    And i found more. FG dont mark class skills as class skills. He imports all numbers fine but class skills are not marked. If i do it manually FG adds another 3 Points... because its a class skill ^^ Another thing is - there are no links to the skills itself. I have to manually drag and drop them on the sheet. Imported items with "stats" like a simple Longsword gets imported with no imformation besides the weight. No Type, no cost, nothing. And i am sure there is more.

    If i have to check every little detail and adjust lots of little stuff - whats the point using software like PCGEN then? :/ The time i spend on PCGEN + the time i have to check and correct everything in FG makes it a little bit useless.
    Why not create the PC in FG in the first place than ... Ah, right... because its a pain too.

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    The importer also doesn't know how to link to the SRD (or soon, the official content) so your items, skills etc. will have a 'link button' but no data behind it.

    PCGen is primarily for tabletop players, and while it's ok for emergency import into FG, you're better off long-term in my opinion just building the character within FG so all the data sources are linked for that character.

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    I noticed that PCGen export sheet wasn't using the new Freemarker OS, so I updated it with new features. Unzip it to pcgen\outputsheets\d20\fantasy\htmlxml. Export the .xml from PCGen, then run it though the Fantasy Grounds Character Converter, otherwise your special movement types and maybe other things won't show up for some reason.

    It now marks class skills, and equipped or carried items will be marked as equipped or carried. Anything not specifically marked in PCGen as equipped or carried will not be marked, so you won't have to go un-mark all the items in your bag of holding. :P

    Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out if it's possible to properly link items and spells, but they will import any descriptions, etc. that PCGen has, which is handy for 3rd party content. It also doesn't yet mark spells as prepared properly and it will only import one side of a double weapon. However, for most situations, it works very well.

    I have only tested it with Pathfinder content. 3.5e should work for most things, but I have no idea what will or won't import properly.

    Edit: I noticed after the update to the official Pathfinder module that the skills with subtypes (craft, knowledge, etc.) and linguistics were exporting improperly. I've fixed this.
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    Yea! Hiya Llisandur, glad you finally made it to the FG forums!.
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    I made a new version of the export sheet for PCGen. It supports both armor and weapon proficiencies now, with individual weapons not chosen by Feats now appearing inside the new proficiency window. I also mostly fixed weapons on the actions tab linking to the appropriate item in the inventory. Armor with bonuses and penalties should be properly applied now as well.

    The resulting xml sheet no longer needs to be run through the character importer and can be directly imported into Fantasy Grounds. Please use PCGen 6.07.05 for best results. Earlier versions may cause errors due to use of newer features. Included in the zip are two files. Both are required. Unzip them both to outputsheets\d20\fantasy\htmlxml.
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    Great work, lilsandur!

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    And an update, Lisandur submitted the sheet into the PCGen repo starting with v6.07.07 so you don't need to download this separately anymore.
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