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    Updated PCGen exportsheet

    MODERATOR update - there's an updated export sheet available here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post443343 Thanks @Llisandur!

    I've updated the existing exportsheet for exporting characters from PCGen.

    It will work for 3.5 and Pathfinder, but the pre-setups are PF specific.

    Functionality gain:

    Should be spellcaster agnostic, so all spellcasters should now transfer over their spells, not just the 3.5 classes.
    Clerics come pre-setup with a damage and a healing burst.
    Monks have a pre-setup stunning fist.

    Functionality Loss:
    Wizards spell books no longer state the specialist class in the name.

    Developed for PCGen v6.02.00

    Simply save the attached xml file to:

    %PCGen%\PCGen60200\outputsheets\d20\fantasy\htmlxm l\

    I've done some testing, but obviously I can't test every possibility. Let me know if you find any bugs.

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    Well i recently tryed to import from pcgen. when i used the default to FGII .xml export, everything been fine exept the Class skill wasn'T check and the profiency was in special ability instead of the profiency menu, is that fixed in your version?

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    Just imported my rogue and it worked almost perfectly. The only thing that didn't transfer over was my inventory. I got that fixed easily though so no real issues. Looks good too.

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    I've tested a few builds. It seems inventory only transfers over if you equip or set to carried the items on the equipment tab. Put another way, unequipped equipment is not transferred. I'll look into a way to fix this, but a quick scan of the PCGen documents didn't show an easy solution. So just use the work around for now.

    As for the questions about class skills and proficiency; This update only adds the functionality listed. Those two issue have not been resolved.

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    Un-equipped, un-carried items are normally unavailible during play anyway.
    Paul Grosse
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    BTW, how is this any different than the one with the char importer?
    Paul Grosse
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    PR Silverback

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    installed the new template Thanks!

    Errata that I cleaned up manually: Weapons (ex greatsword damage) didn't transfer with damage (retested this). Spells in PCGen tool seem to be lost (example Paladin) ( haven't retested this with new template).

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    Thanks for the great work!
    I'm experiencing the following issues (some might be missing features, some are definitely bugs)
    • class skills aren't set (though the final value seems to come across properly, so if I check the class skill checkbox in FG the total ends up 3 too high. Since the imported final value is correct, I'd consider this bug low priority.
    • magic enhancements don't show up, e.g. if I have a "Flaming" weapon, the 1d6 fire damage won't show up (I'm guessing this is more a feature request)
    • stat bonuses for weapon damage don't get applied properly. For example I have a greatsword that should be 2d6+1(magical enhancement)+6(1.5*STR). It's imported as a plain 2d6+7 (which is problematic because the effect of say temporary strength changes wouldn't carry over) but then the attribute modifier which isn't set in the PCGen output defaults to 1 so it ends up displaying as 2d6+11 which is completely wrong.
    • caster level isn't set. In most chars I have imported it shows up as zero, in one case (a wizard, more in the next item) as 1 (even though level is 10)
    • As I understand, the spells are always imported at a specific level corresponding to the caster level (is that correct?). For the aforementioned wizard, all spells show up as level 1. In case this is relevant, he has the Universal School selected
    • speed isn't set
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    On import into FG seemed to have crashed my system, not sure why.

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