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    Quote Originally Posted by jshauber View Post
    So in a year I went from trying out FG, to playing regularly, to GMing 3 games for a CON. If you are motiviated to learn it, it really is pretty easy....
    Awesome stuff @jshauber!

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    I had 2 guys in my game who actually never really used FG until now.
    Needless to say we had a blast.
    It was actually the first time I Keeper'ed a C&C game with the new ruleset.
    Lot of improvements really helped compared to the last C&C I Keeper'ed over a year ago.
    My 3 hr session turned into a 4.5 hr session with the nod to my players (all of which I never gamed with)
    They were excellent! I had a few laughs, we all had a great time.
    I only regret that I couldn't run more games, Con falls in the midst of my kids B'days and other events (Mothers day and my Anny with the wife)
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    I had 2 new players too! We just had fun with the game, didn't get too bogged down in rules, even threw a few out the window to make the game more 'streamlined'. Both players said they would be buying FG, and its really tempted me into running a second weekly session. Unsure as to where I will find the time though.
    ..... now where is my hat?

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