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    I just found out recently that some authors of Bioware who were involved in the games of Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic, Mass Effect etc. were recently starting to make P&P books You may know about the problems of Bioware since they are bought from EA and since their lead has changed, thus, many (if not all?) of the old story designers left and seemingly some of them are now in the P&P industry I am glad that they make something new now and that they can now hopefully be fully creative again. I bought already thair Baldur's Gate adventure and it is really really nice designed, a lot of easter eggs (a lot of companions of the first Baldur's Gate, especially Minsc and Boo with his hamster statistics! together with a warning that some hamsters might be miniature giant space hamsters...), a lot of details in general also with respect to the story of the PC game and colourful maps (and also there easter eggs in form of places you were able to visit in the PC game). Their Kickstarter sounds also nice.

    So, when you also liked the old Bioware games you might find that interesting, too Here is the link to their company:

    Best wishes,

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