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    Damage Weakness

    I'm creating a custom Star Wars game and I'm wondering how I can set up my Battle Droid NPC's to have the weakness to Ion damage if at all possible. I saw the Environmental Weakness Special Ability but I'm not sure how to translate that and/or the weapon damage into something that can be read by the combat tracker. Do my players just have to manually add +4 to the damage modifier before they roll or is there a way to create a custom weapon that does Ion damage and have my battle droids be weak to it?

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    Very interested in this myself but for Fantasy tropes. Ring of Fire Resistance for example. I have yet to delve into the rulesets much other than to look at how run dice are done (which is inconsistent apparently). I do plan on going through the LUA soon to see how to create something like this but if someone already has something that would be awesome.

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    What you're looking for is this effect [@Ion Damage +4]

    @ means it happens when you're targeted. So when you are targeted, and the weapon has a keyword named Ion, you will get +4 to that damage.

    However for that to work, you have to tell the ruleset when a weapon deals Ion damage. Simply open the weapon entry, you will see a field called Keywords there. Type Ion there (or whatever else you feel appropriate, like Blaster, Rifles, Fire, Ice, etc.), you can have multiple entries (Example: Rifle, Ion. So you might have another effect that increases or reduces damage dealt by rifles).

    Same goes for a ring of fire resistance. Put this effect on the ring [@Fire Damage -4], but for that to work, all fire typed damage on the campaign (fire weapons, fire spells), should have the Fire keyword.

    Other creative uses are giving a bonus or penalty when you deal that type of damage: "Ring of Fire [Fire Damage +2]", which means that whenever you deal the fire damage (notice the lack of a @), you will get the damage increased by two.

    I hope that helps, let me know if you guys need any help with it

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