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    BUG Report: Issue with a few of the Default Themes

    FG Version: v.3.3.9 ULTIMATE
    Extensions: DOE: Base Extension v4.0.1, Alignment Graph Extension v3.0.0, Campaign-Style Graph Extension v3.0.0, Locations Extension v5.0.1, Organisations Extension V2.0.0
    Error Message: None

    Some of the default themes do not load locations correctly:Brown Theme.png, Gray Theme.png
    The only themes I had it working in is the Dungeon Theme, Default Theme, Starfinder Simple Theme (This one is a community extension) , SF Ultra Theme Map Scale 100 (Another community theme extension)
    Here is a screenshot of what that page should have, using the default theme: Working Default.png

    I did find another bug while I was working on the default theme, it seems I couldn't open a planet directly from the solar system it was in. Star System Planets.png
    I confirmed I could open it directly via the worlds tab that had all the worlds in it. World.png

    I was going to test DOE: Locations Extension v5.0.0 but I couldn't find a download in the master post.

    I suspect it's actually something to do with the themes and not this extension? But I couldn't find a thread for the Simple Gray/Simple Brown themes after looking for like an hour and half so I hope you don't mind I post my findings here. Though I am surprised no one else has reported this issue yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dulux-oz View Post
    I'm not sure at this stage - I've got to take a look and see.
    Have you been able to determine yet if the markup issue is a bug?

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