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    Extension Request. Ability to save campaign on the fly.

    I had typed about 6 pages worth of notes for an upcoming campaign. I moved from my desk to the couch and in doing so, shut the lid on my laptop. For whatever reason the shutdown caused FG to close and when I opened it back up I got the "load from db error message". I loaded from the DB and the only thing that was recovered was two links I put in the note. So I am wondering if someone can create an extension that I can force a save, rather than exiting, and reloading the campaign. I tried searching and didn't find anything, so if it is out there feel free to point me to it. Thank you

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    Does typing /save in the chat window do this for you?

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    By default, FG saves your campaign database(s) every 5 minutes, upon exiting the client (properly exiting, not killing the app from task manager!), or using the /save command.

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    If your laptop is set to shutdown when you close the lid, then every application you have open will be force closed - not just FG.

    As mentioned above FG saves every 5 minutes.

    FG also creates various backup, restore and session files in the <FG app data>\campaigns\<your campaign name> directory. The master database file is db.xml - all the others db.xxxxx.yyyyy.xml files can be used to restore if you have issues. Before you start copying backup/restore/session files to db.xml make a backup of the whole directory. With FG not running, look at the files with modified dates of when your computer shutdown, then start by copying the largest db.xxxxx.yyyyy.xml file from that time period to db.xml, load up FG and see if your data is back - if not, try another file from that time period.
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    you can make a quick hotkey to save. type /save in the chat but dont hit enter. Then drag the text down onto one of the hotkey bars at the bottom. Then you can trigger a force save with a click or F key push.

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